Roma are EuropeansРомите са европейци



The Roma community is the largest minority in Europe, yet a huge majority of Europeans either do not know the community or know it through stereotypes.

The Roma are European because they have been on the Old Continent for more than 1000 years. And yet very little is known about our history from both non-Roma and Roma. We can’t keep our identity as Roma if we don’t know our past. Not knowing the people we coexist with also interferes with our good relationships.

That is why I share with you this video, which aims to briefly give information on the history of the Roma in Europe. Young Roma must be proud of our origins. Non-Roma must get to know us and our past in order to find common ground to look to the future.


Why is this cultural treasure important to you?

Roma people are the biggest minority in Europe, they have been in Europe for more than 1000 years and, yet most of the Europeans do not know much about the Roma community.

How is youth connected to your cultural treasure?

Learning, understanding, and sharing your history is of most importance for a group of people to save their identity alive. That is why youth must learn about their history to be able to say loudly and proudly that they are Roma.

Is the cultural treasure you want to share typically only in your country?

It is a universal psychological phenomenon. The pride of identity is not bonded to borders.

How to preserve and pass on cultural heritage to younger generations?

It is important to present your facts and information in an interesting and engaging way.

What is the way to give our knowledge to younger generations (educational system, youth festivals and holidays)?

Make them feel the pain, pride, and victories of their ancestors. Depending on your aim, you could use different methods (festivals, trainings, etc.), but from my experience I can say that the most effective way is to teach a small group of youngsters and give them the task to organize community discussions in their towns/villages. In this way they will understand and pass the information to other people by engaging their peers and establishing stronger social capital with them.


Ромската общност е най-голямото малцинство в Европа, въпреки това огромна част от европейците или не познават общността, или я познават чрез стереотипи.

Ромите са европейци, защото са на Стария континент от повече от 1000г. И въпреки това много малко се знае за нашата история и от не-роми, и от роми. Няма как да запазим своята идентичност като роми, ако не познаваме своето минало. Непознаването на хората, с които съжителстваме, също пречи на нашите добри взаимоотношения.

Затова споделям с вас това видео, което има за цел да информира накратко за историята на ромите в Европа. Важно е младите роми да бъдем горди с нашия произход. Важно е не-ромите да се запознаят с нас и нашето минало, за да намерим обща почва, за да гледаме към бъдещето.

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